Roy Herold
Tue, 21 Oct 2008 17:49:51 PDT
Jim (neighbor almost),

Very interesting that you have a bulb from Panayoti's collections in 
1997 on Platberg (that big flat topped mountain/hill to the north of 
Harrismith). I, too, have a bulb from the Platberg, from Panayoti's 
distribution to the NARGS seedex in 1997. Mine was purportedly 
Cyrtanthus epiphyticus, but when it *finally* bloomed last year it 
turned out to be Cyrtanthus stenanthus. Unfortunately, this has to be 
the homeliest cyrtanthus in existence, with squinty *beige* flowers and 
a floppy scape. I've been reluctant to put photos of it on the wiki, 
fearing ridicule from all quarters.

--Roy wrote:
> I received seed of Aristea sp. (Platberg, 1500m) from Panayoti Kelaidis in 3/97.  It germinated in 3 months and went on to bloom 4 years later (in an alpine house that went as low as 5 deg. F), with fleeting, fleeting blue flowers in July.  It is perhaps 20cm high.  It carries on now (I just went out to check -- it's very easily disregarded) in a somewhat warmer space, to 15 deg F.  
> With all this fuss, it can expect to have more attention paid to it.
> Jim Jones
> Lexington, MA   

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