Labeling snafu!

Laura & Dave
Thu, 16 Oct 2008 09:54:33 PDT
Hi all
  I was wondering if someone could help me straighten out a little 
problem I have with the species names of some Haemanthus seedlings 
growing from BX-173.  I received seeds of the three species:

14 >-- Haemanthus amarylloides ssp polyanthus
15 >-- Haemanthus barkerae
16 >-- Haemanthus coccineus

but was late for leaving for vacation when I sowed them.  The old adage, 
that "I'll remember what is in each pot, and label them when I get 
back.", was employed, since the whole family was scowling at me 
impatiently.  Well, we all know how well that works.  H. amarylloides I 
did manage to get marked so that I remembered, but not so the other 
two.  One of the species ( H. barkerae or H. coccineus ) has very 
pronounced spotting on the lower portion of the cotyledon, the other 
none.  So, if anyone also growing either of these plants could let me 
know the status of the spotting, I'd be really grateful. 

  Dave Brastow - Tumwater, Washington USA - 7A

P.S.  I've since discovered the Marks All pen from Sharpie.  This writes 
in opaque white, which shows up on black / dark green pots, and is quite 
durable.  At least now I can scribble a number on a pot if I get hurried.

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