Labeling snafu!

Nhu Nguyen
Thu, 16 Oct 2008 10:28:52 PDT

There is a photo of a *H. coccineus* seedling on the wiki by Angelo

I have also just posted a photo of my *H. barkerae* seedlings. It did not
come from the same batch as your seeds but it's better than nothing.…

The difference I see is that *H. coccineus* is pubescent and *H.
barkerae*is not. Also
*H. coccineus* has more spotting. Hope that helps.


On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 9:54 AM, Laura & Dave <> wrote:

> Hi all
>  I was wondering if someone could help me straighten out a little
> problem I have with the species names of some Haemanthus seedlings
> growing from BX-173.  I received seeds of the three species:
> 14 >-- Haemanthus amarylloides ssp polyanthus
> 15 >-- Haemanthus barkerae
> 16 >-- Haemanthus coccineus
> but was late for leaving for vacation when I sowed them.  The old adage,
> that "I'll remember what is in each pot, and label them when I get
> back.", was employed, since the whole family was scowling at me
> impatiently.  Well, we all know how well that works.  H. amarylloides I
> did manage to get marked so that I remembered, but not so the other
> two.  One of the species ( H. barkerae or H. coccineus ) has very
> pronounced spotting on the lower portion of the cotyledon, the other
> none.  So, if anyone also growing either of these plants could let me
> know the status of the spotting, I'd be really grateful.
> Thanks
>  Dave Brastow - Tumwater, Washington USA - 7A
> P.S.  I've since discovered the Marks All pen from Sharpie.  This writes
> in opaque white, which shows up on black / dark green pots, and is quite
> durable.  At least now I can scribble a number on a pot if I get hurried.
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