Alstroemeria x bomarea

N Sterman TalkingPoints@PlantSoup.Com
Sun, 26 Oct 2008 13:36:34 PDT
I recently purchased a plant labeled Alstroemeria x Bomarea (or maybe  
Bomarea x Alstroemeria) from a nursery in Eugene.  Its foliage looks  
very Alstreomeria like but a bit more blue-green than green.  Flowers  
were just opening when I got it and were tubular coral -  
unfortunately, they disappeared in the week-long journey it took for  
the plant to make it from Portland to So California via UPS (I didn't  
have a choice but to have someone else ship it and the folks who  
packed it did a lousy job).

I don't find mention of this intergeneric hybrid in the PBS wiki or in  
the archives - does anyone recall seeing a discussion about it?  Or  
know anything about it?  I'm wondering about where to plant it and  
what to expect it to do once it is in the ground....



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