Alstroemeria x bomarea

Diana Chapman
Sun, 26 Oct 2008 13:45:24 PDT
The chromosome count in Bomarea and Alstroemeria would make them 
incompatible as far as crossing them is concerned, and the chromosomes have 
other differences, those of Alstroemeria being much larger with more DNA 
than Bomarea.  Therefore .... it isn't a hybrid.  My guess is that it is B. 
hirtella, the most adaptable of the Bomareas found in commerce, especially 
from the coral color of the outer tepals, and that it was in bloom in (I 
presume) a small container.  All the other Bomareas I grow need a large pot 
to bloom at all (2gal minimum, 5gal better).  They probably tacked on 
'alstroemeria' to the name because most people know what an Alstromeria 
looks like, but wouldn't recognize the name 'Bomarea'.

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>I recently purchased a plant labeled Alstroemeria x Bomarea (or maybe
> Bomarea x Alstroemeria) from a nursery in Eugene.  Its foliage looks
> very Alstreomeria like but a bit more blue-green than green.  Flowers
> were just opening when I got it and were tubular coral -
> unfortunately, they disappeared in the week-long journey it took for
> the plant to make it from Portland to So California via UPS (I didn't
> have a choice but to have someone else ship it and the folks who
> packed it did a lousy job).
> I don't find mention of this intergeneric hybrid in the PBS wiki or in
> the archives - does anyone recall seeing a discussion about it?  Or
> know anything about it?  I'm wondering about where to plant it and
> what to expect it to do once it is in the ground....
> Thanks!
> Nan

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