Alstroemeria x bomarea

Tim Harvey
Sun, 26 Oct 2008 13:52:29 PDT
I do not believe the chromosome count is an absolute barrier as you suggest. After all, horses and donkeys are different (32 and 31 pairs, respectively).
 T> From:> To:> Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2008 13:45:24 -0700> Subject: Re: [pbs] Alstroemeria x bomarea> > The chromosome count in Bomarea and Alstroemeria would make them > incompatible as far as crossing them is concerned, and the chromosomes have > other differences, those of Alstroemeria being much larger with more DNA > than Bomarea. Therefore .... it isn't a hybrid. My guess is that it is B. > hirtella, the most adaptable of the Bomareas found in commerce, especially > from the coral color of the outer tepals, and that it was in bloom in (I > presume) a small container. All the other Bomareas I grow need a large pot > to bloom at all (2gal minimum, 5gal better). They probably tacked on > 'alstroemeria' to the name because most people know what an Alstromeria > looks like, but wouldn't recognize the name 'Bomarea'.> > Diana> Telos Rare Bulbs>> ----- Original Message ----- > From: "N Sterman" <TalkingPoints@PlantSoup.Com>> To: "Pacific Bulb Society" <>> Sent: Sunday, October 26, 2008 1:36 PM> Subject: [pbs] Alstroemeria x bomarea> > > >I recently purchased a plant labeled Alstroemeria x Bomarea (or maybe> > Bomarea x Alstroemeria) from a nursery in Eugene. Its foliage looks> > very Alstreomeria like but a bit more blue-green than green. Flowers> > were just opening when I got it and were tubular coral -> > unfortunately, they disappeared in the week-long journey it took for> > the plant to make it from Portland to So California via UPS (I didn't> > have a choice but to have someone else ship it and the folks who> > packed it did a lousy job).> >> > I don't find mention of this intergeneric hybrid in the PBS wiki or in> > the archives - does anyone recall seeing a discussion about it? Or> > know anything about it? I'm wondering about where to plant it and> > what to expect it to do once it is in the ground....> >> > Thanks!> >> > Nan> >> > _______________________________________________> pbs mailing list>>>

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