Tropaeolum pentaphyllum

John Grimshaw
Mon, 20 Oct 2008 08:55:22 PDT
Uli Urban wrote about Tropaeolum pentaphyllum:

>I have never tested with my plants but I
> think it is not very hardy and is not suitable for outdoor cultivation
> in winter cold climates below freezing.

This has always been my view as well, but earlier in the summer I was 
visiting a garden in the Cotswolds and saw the familiar flowers of T. 
pentahyllum twining round something else. I expressed my surprise and was 
told it was hardy there! The garden in question is even higher than we are 
here, so I shall put my plant out for 'hardiness testing' next spring. It 
certainly doesn't deserve precious greenhouse space...

John Grimshaw

Dr. John M. Grimshaw
Sycamore Cottage
GL53 9NP

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