Pelargonium hystrix

Mon, 20 Oct 2008 10:29:44 PDT
Greetings to all,

      I am a new member here and this is my first post.  I 
have acquired a new plant from Steven Hammer by the name 
of Pelargonium hystrix and I find that it's hard to find 
any specific information on the culture for this plant. 
 If anyone could enlighten me on the subject it would be 
much appreciated.  Currently, I have it planted in a 
mesemb soil mix with a touch of orchid soil called 'Aussie 
Gold'.  The caudex is slightly above the level of the soil 
and it's in a Zisha pot that is small and round.  I'd post 
a picture but just recently I lost my camera and have to 
replace it soon.  Does anyone here have pictures to share?

Best regards,

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