BX 184

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Thu, 25 Sep 2008 17:54:31 PDT

I wanted to comment on two of my offerings to this BX.
#14 is a species I grew from Harry Hay seed. I started the seed March 2005 
and several bloomed for the first time in April of this year. I'm growing 
these in my greenhouse in a very large container since the bulbs were 
getting big. Hopefully they won't remain dormant like happens to me with 
other South American bulbs in the Alliaceae. The seed was labeled 
Nothoscordum ostenii, but that species is yellow. Anyone have any idea what 
species they can be?  I was busy when they bloomed and didn't carry them 
out of the greenhouse for better pictures and didn't photograph the leaves 
either. Perhaps I can do that when they start in growth again. I wanted to 
show potential customers what the flowers looked like since I thought they 
were really very pretty and seeing the dreaded name Nothoscordum and 
learning it was white might scare some people off. It's not the one that is 
weedy and seems to multiply as you look at it and requires destroying the 
soil it was growing in to be sure you got all the offsets (and the one that 
often turns up in seed exchanges as other things like Tulbaghia).

#19 is Geissorhiza radians. Dell has no doubt accidentally changed the name 
when he posted what I wrote him to the group since I checked my text and it 
said radians, not radiata. So if people requested it thinking it was a new 
species, it is not. Geissorhiza radians however has to be one of the most 
beautiful corms in the world. It's common name is wine cups and it is 
stunning, especially when there are a lot of them blooming together in a 
pot or the wild. The seed however is tiny and I haven't found them 
especially easy to grow from seed. They like abundant water while growing 
and a dry summer.

Mary Sue

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