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I would definitely suggest Rhodophiala bifida, Freesia laxa, a couple of the
more heat loving Lycoris, and a couple of the Crocosmia that can handle
excessive heat.  All thrive in South Georgia but also loved my zone 10b
microclimate in Southwest Florida.   Also are they growing Tulbaghia there?
I only have the common one but had heard that several new hybrids were being
worked on.

Erin Grace, Thomasville, Georgia USA

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September 25, 2008

Dear PBS members,

As I prepare for my departure to India I am inspired to write all at PBS for
your suggestions as to bulbs that will acclimatize in the hot tropics of
southern India.  We make our own compost from leaves, cow manure, etc. so we
have control of soil mixes and sufficient although not plentiful water,
except during the monsoon, October to December, when we can have a few feet
of rain in a day or two! Soil pH is neutral to slightly acid.

The red clay soil well amended with some sandy loam and ample compost has
resulted in extensive reforestation creating a 'Green Belt' around the
evolving township.  This has lowered temperatures about five  
degrees Fahrenheit so that now our winter low dips to 65 degrees.   
Some bulbs do quite well and I list these below for your information and as
possible indicators for recommending other species.

I would be most grateful for your suggestions and if there are any spare
bulbs available we can give a donation receipt for the value on request.
Currently I am in the process of arranging for a container load of landscape
equipment such as mowers, aerator, nursery containers, etc. so I may not be
able to reply to each of you until I get to India at the end of October, but
that is one of the true benefits of the evolution in telecommunication

I am still searching for a number of rain lilies which I list below and
again, would be most grateful to receive a bulb or two (if they could be
spared from valuable collections) for the rain lily hybridizing program we
will begin in two months at the Matrimandir Gardens.

List of bulbous and rhizomatous plants currently growing in and around
Auroville, Pondicherry and South India.  Primarily only a species and none
of the finer hybrids.

Acidanthera bicolor
Alpinia sp.
Curcuma pallida
Dahlia (seasonal)
Drimiopsis kirkii
Eucharis grandiflora
Eurycles sylvestris
Gladiolus (seasonal)
Gloriosa superba
Haemanthus multiflorus
Hippeastrum - a pale orange form
Kaempferia pulchra
Kaempferia rotunda

List of Zephyranthes and related species I am currently seeking:

Habranthus concolor

Habranthus gracilifolius (H. extensis)

Habranthus howardii

Habranthus immaculatus

Habranthus juncifolius

Haylockia americana

Pyrolirion aureum

Pyrolirion flammeum

Zephyranthes grandiflora - fertile strain

Zephyranthes treatae

Zephyranthes chlorosolen - best strain

Zephyranthes smalii

Zephyranthes Laredo Yellow

Zephyranthes? Hjalmar Sandre

Zephyranthes refugiensis

Zephyranthes nymphaea

Zephyranthes subflava

Zephyranthes veracunda

Zephyranthes veracunda rosea

Zephyranthes latissamafolia

Zephyranthes fosteri

Zephyranthes crocifolia

Zephyranthes erubescens

Zephyranthes bella

Zephyranthes longifolia

Zephyranthes Starfrost

Zephyranthes Big Shot

Zephyranthes Libra

Zephyranthes Horsetail Falls

Zephyranthes Ellen Korsakoff

Zephyranthes albiella

Zephyranthes Teddy Buhler

Zephyranthes bifolia

Zephyranthes katherinae - darkest red and other shades

Any of Dr. Howard's hybrids and Padre Cicereo's hybrids

Thank you again for your advice and suggestions for the beautification of
these very special gardens.

Richard M Eggenberger (Narad)
Matrimandir Gardens
'Peace' Auroville 605101
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