More Mirabilis jalapa

Jim McKenney
Mon, 15 Sep 2008 05:02:16 PDT
Aren’t two different things being confused here?

There are plants of Mirabilis jalapa which produce flowers of one color
(concolorous)  on one branch and concolorous flowers of another color on
another branch of the same plant. 

There are also individual plants of Mirabilis jalapa which produce
multicolored flowers, the colors being arrayed as streaks on the petals the
flower. There are zinnias with similar color patterns. 

Everyone pronounces the specific epithet ha-LA-pa, right? 

Mirabilis nyctaginea is a curious looking plant: I first saw it about
thirty-five years ago in Brooklyn, New York where it was a common ruderal
plant. At the time I was disappointed that we did not have such interesting
weeds back home. I’ll bet that most people who know Mirabilis jalapa will
have to be told what M. nyctaginea is. 

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