More Mirabilis jalapa

James Waddick
Sun, 14 Sep 2008 21:12:49 PDT
Dear All,
	John G wrote "The production of multi-coloured flowers from 
the same plant" in regard to Mirabilis jalapa.

	While this is now trait called 'broken colored flowers" and 
is sought after in ornamentals from Roses to Iris , are there any 
other naturally broken colored flowers, bulbous or not. ?

	I grow the Morning Glory 'Flying Saucers' with blue/white 
flowers, and the Rose 'Fourth of July' among others.

	Most commercial ornamentals are divided between white another 
base color, but Mirabilis has 2 distinct colors, not just white 
and...	Are there any other natural broken colored flowers as extreme 
as those of Mirabilis?

and speaking off..... The species Mirabilis nyctaginea is a hardy 
annual in Missouri, a weed with way too much foliage and not much 
fleeting flower. Does any know of hybrids between these hardy annuals 
and larger flowered sp or cvs?

	Appreciate comments.		Jim W.

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