finding bulbs in the strangest place
Tue, 07 Apr 2009 22:41:07 PDT
Yes, I found a Daffodil bulbocodium down near my mailbox at least 300 yards
from the nearest one I had planted.  Other strays have been various
Narcissus and even a Tulip or two that are far away from their companions.
I have two possibilities as an explanation: either a bird flew over and
dropped a seed or a mole, vole, gopher or other ground excavator pushed them
to a new location.  The bulbocodium could not have been pushed.  It must
have been dropped as a seed and have survived to bloom several years later.

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Justin asked,

>I was wondering if anyone else out there has found bulbs in very 
>unusual places.

The people who won the centerpiece mini-troughs at the recent Western 
Winter Study Weekend will find some. We used discarded potting soil 
from my bulb frames to fill them when we planted them last fall.

I spread this discarded potting soil around the garden when remaking 
various spots, and usually get quite a few seedlings and plants from 
tiny bulblets that I missed. Sometimes these volunteers do better in 
their odd new sites than they did when coddled under cover.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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