Spring Anemones

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Tue, 07 Apr 2009 21:34:51 PDT
Dear Friends,
	I am really enjoying the small spring anemones right now.
	I grow a variety of A blanda from the typical blue in all 
shades from pale to deep blue-violet as well as pink shades and the 
named 'White Splendor'.

	Although they do seed around a bit, none are even vaguely 
weedy. They are just past peak now, but have an extended bloom season 
depending on the weather. Even after a few nights in the mid- to low 
20s F they are still looking great. They are really great additions 
to the spring garden.

	Two other similar goodies are A ranunculoides and A nemorosa. 
Right now the former is at its peak with bright yellow flowers. I 
have both the typical single flowered form and the double flowered 
form. I also grow a form called 'Pallida' which is a pastel yellow 
that blooms with A. ranunculoides, but is sometimes listed as a form 
of A. nemorosa.  Very lovely.

	A nemorosa are just starting. they are seen in a color range 
from white to pink and blue, some with a tinge of green in both 
single and double flowered forms.  The first to bloom is  A. n. 
'Robinsoniana' with pale blue flowers. It is an English selection 
that's been around for years, but not always as available as it 
should be. It is one of my favorites. Some have larger flowers, but I 
prefer the small flowered forms that are more in keeping with the 
delicate foliage.

	They can stay in bloom for weeks, but quickly disappear after 
blooming and remain dormant most of the year.

	I used to grow Anemone sylvestris, but it did not persist. I 
especially like the double flowered form and should try this both 
again in a better location.  These make wonderful seed heads of white 

	I do wish I could grow the single forms of A coronaria. I 
love these, but they are too tender her, alas.

	I am sure there are more tuberous spring anemones. They tend 
to get over looked perhaps because of the perception that they are 
small and fleeting or just too low priced to fuss over.

	I say : Try them. They are mostly low priced and easy, hardy 
and vigorous even in my rough climate.

		Jim W.
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