Scadoxus pole-evansii

Mon, 20 Apr 2009 15:30:17 PDT
Thanks, Stephen!
It would appear from your experience that S. pole-evansii is probably a winter grower ... probably better for us on the West Coast with our Meditteranean climate, although one might not think so today as it is unbelievably and unusually HOT even at the beaches with temps in the mid-upper 90s.  I was out early this AM shading my winter growers in hopes the heat/light won't put the quash on any remaining springtime growth ... although all my Brunsvigia josephinae dried out and went dormant in the past two weeks ... both seedlings and established plants in the ground.  B.litoralis & Boophone disticha still looked good and green this morning but I am fearful this heat wave will put them to sleep.
San Diego, zone 10-11    

From: Stephen Putman 
Subject: Re: [pbs] Scadoxus pole-evansii

I've had one small plant of S. pole-evansii for going on 3 years now. 
In the mid-atlantic U.S. it sits dormant (mostly without water) until 
late summer (first green 01 Aug. 2007, and 02 July 2008)  Continued 
growth until mid-March both years.  I tried a variety of watering 
regimes and it just sat both years, coming into growth when it wanted 
to.  It is outside from May to September and in the greenhouse (above 50 
degrees F) October to May.  It has slowly gotten larger, but is probably 
a few years from bloom as yet.  Currently in a 6" pot.


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