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Hi Ken and list,

As far as I am aware the only interspecific cross within Scadoxus is of
S. multiflorus ssp. karharinae x S. puniceus.

I did however attempt S. multiflorus ssp. karharinae x S. pole-evansii
when my plants were in flower. A few berries did form, so time will tell
whether it was successful.

All of the other crosses I've attempted have failed, S. puniceus x S.
cyrtanthiflorus; S. multiflorus ssp. karharinae x S. membranaceus etc.
Scadoxus are a pretty conservative bunch, unlike many other genera who
freely produce interspecific and even intergeneric hybrids!

I'd love to hear from anyone else who has been hybridizing Scadoxus.

Kind regards,



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WOW Mary Sue and Pieter!
Those are beautiful!??Thanks for sharing.? Does anybody grow these in
the US?? Any experiences perhaps with crosses on other Scadouxus?
San Diego zone 10-11?

--- On Sun, 4/19/09, Mary Sue Ittner <msittner@mcn.org> wrote:

You can see the photos at: 


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