What is this bulb's name? and Bellevalia forniculata

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Hi Jim,

I happen to love muscari. They are less prone to deer predation than some
other spring bulbs, and when they naturalize into clumps or mini drifts,
they are beautiful. I also have Bellevalia pycnantha (sp?), and your
description sounds like that one exactly. Here now, most of the Muscaris are
in bloom, but B. pycnantha and B. romana are not yet showing any signs of

On the topic of Bellevalia, I would love to hear about B. forniculata:
sources for seed, sources for bulbs, cultivation advice. It appears from the
photos to have flowers of a shade of blue that resembles some muscaris and
some of the corydalis cultivars.

Look forward to hearing from you,


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Dear Friends,
	Sorry to admit I am not much of a fan of Grape hyacinths. 
They are just there. At least M armeniacum.

	I do however like my small clump of M. botryoides album which 
blooms a clean white, tiny and reliable each year.

	And this mystery plant I bought as Muscari paradoxa. The 
flowers heads are outrageous large -for a Muscari - deep dark blue 
and the plant over all is 'large ' - for a Muscari.  I am wondering 
if it is in fact a Bellevalia or is it B pycnantha?

	I am confused.

	I read Alberto's discussion of the genus 
http://pacificbulbsociety.org/pbslist/old.php/… and 
think I may actually have the real B. paradoxa, but I am far from 
certain. They came from a reliable bulb seller in the UK as Muscari 
paradoxa though.

	Can anyone provide a few key characters. Especially dividing 
Muscari from Bellevalia and B. pycnantha from B. paradoxa.

		Many thanks for input.		Jim W.

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