Tulipa wilsonii, syn. montana

Adam Fikso adam14113@ameritech.net
Sat, 11 Apr 2009 17:40:32 PDT
Well, Iain.  Don't sweat it!.  If wilsoniana is anything like wilsonii,  or 
schrenkii--I can get it from McClure and Zimmerman in the U.S.  I don't have 
to have it.    But thanks.  At this point, I'm not at all sure what the hell 
I had.  When I had it it did not increase.. In any case I can buy it from 
McC & Z or something much like it.    CHeers, Adam

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> Adam I was aware of the synonym but, at the risk of pandering to racial 
> stereotype of 'too tight' to spend money on a new replacement botanic 
> label, preferring to rely on hiding behind pretending to testing visitor's 
> knowledge of Tulipa taxonomy. Pretty sad is it not.
> Hang fire pro tem ref the permits and let's see what/if comes up. I would 
> however need in any event to allow the plants to complete their flowering 
> cycle here at least in the hopes of getting seed never mind allowing the 
> visitors to view said flowers. I am a wee bitty of a superstitious Celt so 
> prefer not to count my chickens err their hatching, fingers crossed 
> anyway, they have previously been through - 26 C as worst case scenario 
> and come to no harm without snow cover on that occasion, therefore this 
> year's - 20 C with circa 1.1 metre snow cover should not have affected 
> them, however I don't know [a] whether there is an inherent longevity in 
> this taxon's life time as a bulb, or [b] even if the bulbs split from time 
> to time under ground not having had any need [or time] to investigate but 
> will bare in mind the fact that they are 'divers' which on my acid 
> glaciated sands and gravels might be somewhat limited possibly? I regret 
> to say of late I have not given our Tulipa collec
> tion as much attention as they warrant being distracted by the Lily 
> collection so will try to make amends this year, several taxa are already 
> poking their leaves through the grit covering on the rockery beds so 
> perhaps I need to cover them with a loose rabbit net as protection in case 
> of visitations, feathered or otherwise
> Iain
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