Tulipa wilsonii, syn. montana

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Sat, 11 Apr 2009 13:45:32 PDT
Adam I was aware of the synonym but, at the risk of pandering to racial stereotype of 'too tight' to spend money on a new replacement botanic label, preferring to rely on hiding behind pretending to testing visitor's knowledge of Tulipa taxonomy. Pretty sad is it not.

Hang fire pro tem ref the permits and let's see what/if comes up. I would however need in any event to allow the plants to complete their flowering cycle here at least in the hopes of getting seed never mind allowing the visitors to view said flowers. I am a wee bitty of a superstitious Celt so prefer not to count my chickens err their hatching, fingers crossed anyway, they have previously been through - 26 C as worst case scenario and come to no harm without snow cover on that occasion, therefore this year's - 20 C with circa 1.1 metre snow cover should not have affected them, however I don't know [a] whether there is an inherent longevity in this taxon's life time as a bulb, or [b] even if the bulbs split from time to time under ground not having had any need [or time] to investigate but will bare in mind the fact that they are 'divers' which on my acid glaciated sands and gravels might be somewhat limited possibly? I regret to say of late I have not given our Tulipa collection as much attention as they warrant being distracted by the Lily collection so will try to make amends this year, several taxa are already poking their leaves through the grit covering on the rockery beds so perhaps I need to cover them with a loose rabbit net as protection in case of visitations, feathered or otherwise


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