Grumpy Jim

Jim McKenney
Wed, 08 Apr 2009 10:06:56 PDT
By the way, if I seem to be in grumpy old man mode today, let me say this in
my own defense: my morning tour of the garden, the garden nearing peak time
for Fritillaria and now full of early tulips, set me back a bit. A squirrel
had gotten into one of the frames and helped itself to numerous less common
tulips. In the process, it dug up –among others - various reticulate irises
and  fritillaries. After taking one or two bites of these and uttering the
sciurid version of “yuck”, it did not have the courtesy to replant the
bulbs, bulbs now sundered from their roots. It ate the tulip bulbs and left
the blooming stems scattered on the soil surface. Some labels moved around
in the process. Some inedible plants were scratched out and shredded: don’t
get between a hungry squirrel and a tasty bulb. 

Meditation isn’t doing it this morning…


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