[SPAM] Re: Spring Anemones

Jim McKenney jimmckenney@jimmckenney.com
Wed, 08 Apr 2009 09:53:39 PDT
Roger, thank you so much for pointing out my misuse of St. Bravo and giving
the etymology for St. Bavo. In a way, this is so funny: I learned long ago
that captious as I am with anything written by someone else, I am unable to
edit my own stuff. 

And now that I see St Bavo, I'm having one of those "of course" experiences.
There are probably not too many people out there who would have picked up on

What were the St. Piran anemones like: single, double, "aneomone flowered"?
How were they different from the ones we can buy now? When I look in the old
books and see drawings of the old anemone-flowered anemones (broad guard
petals, a dense dome of thinner central petals) I wonder why these are no
longer raised. 

And thanks also for picking up on the distinction between Anemone hortensis
and A. fulgens. As you evidently guessed, I meant A. hortensis, not A.

I'm sitting here with a stuffed-up head today - slow recall, fuzzy ideas,
that vague sense that something's wrong but what is it? I need all the help
I can get today - thanks. 

Jim McKenney

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