Iris magnifica

Adam Fikso
Sun, 05 Apr 2009 13:54:44 PDT
I agree,Iain.  And I'd go even further and state that instead of Celsius or 
Centigrade--those temperatures could go to the same numbers on the 
Fahrenheit scale, and they'd germinate just as well.

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>A bit late in responding to this one due to flat out, metaphorically and in 
>any other way in the nursery,
> I am getting too old for some of these antics.
> We grow this Iris taxon here from wild collected seed and it is absolutely 
> rock hardy as one might expect from where it originates in the Central 
> Asian countries of the former USSR. Here I sow the seed of this and 
> related, genetic or geographic taxa either as soon as it arrives by post 
> or as soon as the pods are ripe. The seed is sown into 3 litre plastic 
> pots using any old seed compost and course builder's sand 50:50. The 
> contents are then covered with a fine course gravel and stood outside to 
> meet the full effects of the winter where temps go down to - 20 C but more 
> often between - 5 C to - 10 C for weeks and months, snow is pile on top of 
> the post when available otherwise well watered in, nil shelter. These Iris 
> require severe cold treatment to vernalise, 

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