Wiki additions - Calochortus, Fritillaria, Gagea, Lilium, Narcissus

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 06 Apr 2009 08:09:27 PDT

One of the final tasks I've had to do in the wiki conversion is to deal 
with pictures that were in the wiki file section, but never made it to a 
wiki page or possibly made it to a wiki page, but were inadvertently 
removed when someone added something new. There were a large number of 
these. Some were duplicates that were renamed, but never deleted or 
possibly added again to the wiki when renamed without advising me to take 
the misnamed picture off. I have chosen to delete additional images that 
were never added if we already had the plant well illustrated and deleted 
the duplicates obviously as well. I've added some of the others to a wiki 
page if I could figure out who the photographer was.

I'm not announcing the photos I added of species that were already on the 
wiki, but here are some additions that weren't illustrated previously on a 
wiki page although the photos have been there for various lengths of time.

Calochortus aureus from Mary Gerittsen…

Fritillaria japonica var. koidzumiana or Fritillaria koidzumiana from John 

Gagea lutea from Alessandro Mariinello…

Lilium shastense or Lilium pardalinum ssp. shastense from Ron Parsons…

Lilium wallichianum from Ron Parsons…

Narcissus scaberulus from Alessandro Marinello…

Mary Sue

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