Amaryllis belladonna

Mon, 10 Aug 2009 20:15:29 PDT
Hi Kathleen,
When I lived in Northern California (Concord, East of San Francisco) my Amaryllis Belladonna bloomed fairly reliably every year ... except the year following a very hard freeze in 1990.  In Concord, we dropped down to 17F at night, and it did not rise above 32F for 3 days.  All the A.belladonna foliage melted and very few blooms were produced the following summer.  Bloom did return to normal in subsequent years though and I don't recall actually losing any of the bulbs, whose tips were right at soil level.
Good luck with yours.
now in San Diego, CA

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From: Kathleen Sayce <>
Subject: [pbs] Amaryllis belladonna
Date: Monday, August 10, 2009, 7:40 PM

Could someone with experience growing Amaryllis belladonna tell me if  
it's common for this species to skip flowering after cold winters?

I've had bulbs in my yard for 3 years, flowering for two of them,  
Last winter was colder than usual for this area, with lows around 14  
F.  Foliage died back during the snow, came back after the coldest  
weather was past, then died down in late spring. Then summer came,  
and came further, and still, in August, no flowers. The bulbs came  
from a local garden where they'd grown for many decades, and without  
skipping flowering, year after year.

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