Amaryllis belladonna

William Aley
Mon, 10 Aug 2009 20:18:26 PDT
I once read that the best time to transplant and move them is when  
they are in full flower, otherwise they have the bloom cycle disrupted  
for a few years. I grew them when I lived in the central California  
and in was even successful in Seattle. I can't get them to bloom for  
me in Silver Spring, MD. Every now and then over the past two weeks  
I've seen a patch blooming t and I'm tempted to find out who "owns"  
them, alas not so lucky. so far.
I think they'd be great erupting in a patch of  blue steel grass this  
time of year.
On Aug 10, 2009, at 10:40 PM, Kathleen Sayce wrote:

> Could someone with experience growing Amaryllis belladonna tell me if
> it's common for this species to skip flowering after cold winters?
> I've had bulbs in my yard for 3 years, flowering for two of them,
> Last winter was colder than usual for this area, with lows around 14
> F.  Foliage died back during the snow, came back after the coldest
> weather was past, then died down in late spring. Then summer came,
> and came further, and still, in August, no flowers. The bulbs came
> from a local garden where they'd grown for many decades, and without
> skipping flowering, year after year.
> Kathleen
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