Ungernia befuddlement

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Wed, 05 Aug 2009 05:20:38 PDT
Dear Lee,
	Join the club.
	I do have an answer to your message, but I want to check the 
original source in a xerox on my desk -somewhere.
	I did some translation and compiled just such an annual life 
cycle chart showing details of when each part of the annual growth 
cycle begins, flower bud initiation etc. Just have to find it and I 
can mail you a xerox of the whole thing. It is fairly similar to 
Lycoris -not surprisingly.
	Ungernia come from both mild and cold temperate areas so 
would benefit from all the cold you can provide them in winter. I 
assume pots do not freeze through -which may kill bulbs in pots. You 
may be mild enough there that the bulbs do not behave like they would 
in more extreme climates wit really cold/cold cycles.

	Since you managed to get germination and growth from Halda 
seeds you are way ahead of the game already. I never did. You have 
surely seen that Ungernia seeds are more like Hippeastrum -flatten 
papery seeds, than like Lycoris which have black rounded hard seeds.

	I'd say keep on doing what you are doing.  I suspect that , 
like Lycoris, they take a long time to get to blooming size.
	Yes definitely use deep pots. Lycoris generally move up to a 
shallow situation in the soil, but I think Ungernia are much less 
likely suggested by bulb morphology.

	I think they can take a fair to large amount of water in 
spring growth and restricted in mid summer to fall. Winter snow might 
provide cover for most species.

	There's one bit of info I can put my cyber-finger ; an 
article, in German, on Ungernia's distinct morphology. If anyone 
wants a copy I can email it direct as it is too large to include with 
this message.

	Give me a day to dig this out.

	And of course I have been eyeing my own Ungernia in hopes 
that a flower spike will appear this year, but not optimistic.

	Good luck and keep us posted on your progress. 		Jim W.

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