Lycoris longituba

Jim McKenney
Wed, 05 Aug 2009 05:58:38 PDT
I have several accessions of Lycoris longituba in the garden, and this year
I’m seeing one of them bloom for the first time. The catalog from which I
purchased these bulbs a few years ago described the blooms as white  From a
distance they do look white, but close up the color is a lot more complex.
There is a warm saffron suffusion to the flowers, sort of like the effect of
orange juice mixed in milk. The developing buds have a diffuse red/pink
stripe on the outside, but as the flower matures this disappears. There is a
nice fragrance, too. 


This one is definitely a keeper, a very nice addition to the rather limited
range of oporanthous bulbs. 


The season for Lycoris squamigera will evidently be a long one this year:
the first appeared weeks ago and others are just emerging. It would be nice
to know what triggers bloom in these bulbs. 


Jim McKenney

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