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BOATMAN, ALLEN aboatman@hcso.tampa.fl.us
Tue, 04 Aug 2009 11:16:49 PDT
I don't know if I would say that Aloe is so much sensitive to heat, I
suggest it is more attributed to Yuma's severe arridness.  They do
pretty well here in Central Florida, surviving 100+ temps, even higher
with the heat/humidity index added in.  I think the only real difference
between West Central Florida and the Sonoran area of Arizona is the
humidity, and possibly your high ph and/or salt content of the desert
soil.  The species growing well here, even in the full sun, are Aloe
saponaria, Aloe vera, Aloe veriegata, Aloe ferox, Aloe aristata, and one
species I have yet to identify.  I have also seen what appears to be
Aloe striatula growing wild in spots located near the beach on the East
Coast of Central Florida (Cape Canaveral.)

Just my two cents worth.  If one wants to see photos of them growing and
flowering in the full sun here, just email me.

We are also having a lot of success with Bulbine.

Best to you all,

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