Another Lycoris question

J.E. Shields
Mon, 17 Aug 2009 05:15:54 PDT
Anita, Adam, Jim McK., Jim W., and all,

All this discussion suggests that someone should try producing tetraploid 
longituba, sprengeri, or chinensis --  someone significantly younger than 
Adam and also younger than I am!

Germinate the seeds in colchicine solution.  Aart van Voorst has done this 
for Clivia and for Haemanthus.  See the archives of the clivia-enthusiast 
list in Yahoo 
Groups,… .  The 
method has been published in one of the "Clivia" yearbooks from the Clivia 
Society (South Africa) .

I also think someone should make a systematic study of germination of 
Lycoris seeds.  I'll try to generate enough Lycoris seeds this year to send 
some to Dell for the PBS BX/SX.  Note that only the female (seed or berry 
or ovule) parent will be known for sure.  All three of the species I have 
are in bloom now and grow in beds near each other:  chinensis, longituba, 
and sprengeri.  Consequently, interspecific hybrids are very likely.

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