Another Lycoris question

Adam Fikso
Sun, 16 Aug 2009 17:09:49 PDT
The probabilities are lousy either way, but sometioems a triploid will lose 
a set and the remainder will cross iwth the diploid of the other parent. .
You're right, I assumed that this is what he meant, but I'd appreciate his 
comment, too.  I think he was noting that he has NEVER gotten a pod to set 
on Squamigera despite hundreds of tries.  I've tried a few dozen times and 
used a 2, 4-D assist  (which helps in wide iris crosses) but, again, no 
luck. . .  Cheers, Adam

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Adam wrote: "Jim.  The backcross in this case would be  squamigera pollen
onto either of its putative parents.  The reciprocal (reverse)  cross is not
the same."

We'll have

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