Cold winter miscellany

Leo A. Martin
Thu, 17 Dec 2009 17:34:46 PST
>> I took the hummingbird feeders down in October when the honeybees got
>> too thick, put them back up when I saw more hummingbirds. Yesterday
>> morning the feeder was frozen solid, I microwaved it until it thawed
>> out.  By 11 AM there were two hummingbirds fighting at the feeder.  This
>> morning there was one sitting in a shrub nearby by 8 AM. They must be
>> able to hibernate overnight?

Yes, they hibernate overnight. The Anna's hummingbird winters here in
Arizona and breeds in January. I make sure my feeders never go dry this
time of year and I don't do any winter shrub pruning to avoid disturbing

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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