Labels for seed pots

Alberto Castillo
Thu, 17 Dec 2009 12:08:57 PST
Jane wrote: 


" The problem of being pulled out by birds can be significant. I had a 
> flock of crows get interested in one of my bulb frames once (it was 
> uncovered) and they pulled out and scattered both plastic and metal 
> labels. I don't think they actually flew off with any but it took a 
> couple of years to get everything straightened out."


It is a major problem but the most genial solutions always look so simple: none can supersede Bob Rutemoeller's, in my opinion. Bob is not only a superb photographer, he proposed the ultimate solution: to place a second duplicate label at the bottom of the pot (one can add, anywhere deep into the pot). Besides solving any natural or accidental minor/major disaster this is a practical way to find a use for all those useless labels we come up some time during our gardening life. Since this second label is beyond UV action most kinds of plastic can be used. 


Brian Mathew years ago started writing  the same info on a label, one in the upper visible part of it and the same on the underground buried portion. This was intended to solve cat action (cats taking a nap on the beds with plunged pots) but many of us have the bird problem that as Jane says only take labels and throw them within a short distance once they get bored of spoiling months of work. 



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