Labels for seed pots

Jane McGary
Thu, 17 Dec 2009 10:26:39 PST
Paul wrote,
>Here in UK I use plastic labels which are painted black on both sides. You
>scratch through the paint to show the white plastic. I have been using them
>for  well over ten years and they are still legible, and because they are
>black they  do not get pulled out by birds and they do not look like rows of
>tomb stones in  the garden. The plastic bends if you tread on it and I have
>accidentally  composted some for three or more years and they were still OK.

A friend of mine here makes similar labels by spraying matte black 
paint on white labels and then scratching the text. You can find good 
kinds of stylus for this work at art supply stores.

The problem of being pulled out by birds can be significant. I had a 
flock of crows get interested in one of my bulb frames once (it was 
uncovered) and they pulled out and scattered both plastic and metal 
labels. I don't think they actually flew off with any but it took a 
couple of years to get everything straightened out.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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