Candy Lilies

James Waddick
Sat, 19 Dec 2009 09:52:39 PST
Dear Friends,
	I have noticed that Candy Lilies (Pardancanda x norrissii) 
have undergone a transition in the last few years.

	When they were first introduced  as hybrids of Belemcanda 
chinensis x Pardanthopsis dichotoma they were quite a fad. I grew a 
variety of colors and forms. Colors ranged from purple to red, 
orange, yellow, white and bicolors. Flower form was more regular like 
Belemcanda to more Iris-like Pardanthopisis with all kinds of mix and 
match possibilities.

	Now that both parents are reclassified as Iris (Iris 
domestica x Iris dichotomoa) and the hybrid is now known as Iris x 
norrissii, it seems the variety and availability of seeds has dropped 

	As one of the co-chairs of the SIGNA (Species Iris Group of 
North America) Seed Exchange, we have had NO Candy Lily seeds donated 
in the past couple of years*.  A quick Google search of seed lists a 
small handful of sources. Judging from Google pix, the range of 
colors is also reduced.

	I wonder what gives. Any ideas about what has happened to 
this garden plant?

	And more importantly anyone have seed of a good mix of colors 
and forms to share?  I haven't grown it for years and unfortunately 
the plants do seem to be fairly short lived. I'd love to get a patch 
started again if for no other reason than produce some seed for the 
seed exchange.

	Perplexed at this situation.		best		Jim W.

* Even donations of both parents have had ups and downs. 	And 
there's no pix on the PBS wiki !
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