Candy Lilies

Dennis Kramb
Sat, 19 Dec 2009 10:08:31 PST
I'm perplexed how to grow them.  I've bought them from a couple 
different reputable mail order sources, and my plants never survive long 
enough to bloom.  Oh they might live a year or more, but they never 
bloomed.  I successfully grew both Pardanthopsis and Belamcanda about 10 
years ago.  In fact I had a white flowered Pardanthopsis that I grew 
from seed and I stupidly neglected it before realizing what a gem it was.

I've never saw a candy lily bloom!  Therefore I think they're a 
collective figment of everyone else's imagination.  :-)

> 	Perplexed at this situation.		best		Jim W.

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