Candy Lilies

Jim McKenney
Sat, 19 Dec 2009 10:23:40 PST
On my list of things to do when I have acres in the country, lots of time,
lots of money and a willing staff is  working on this hybrid group. 

I happen to like the vesper iris colors and look more than the blackberry
lily colors and look, so I would be selecting for hybrids which favor the
Iris dichotoma parent. 

I think this is worth doing, especially if the pink and white flowered forms
of Iris dichotoma known early in the twentieth century can be obtained.  

Iris dichotoma itself is easy from seed: I’ve got pots of germinating seed
in my cold frames right now. Seed sometimes germinates very quickly, too
(within a matter of two weeks or so), something I would not have expected
from an Iris.  

Park Seed currently offers the Candy Lilies, although I don't know if they
will be in the 2010 catalog. 

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