Bulb Fly.

iain@auchgourishbotanicgarden.org info@auchgourishbotanicgarden.org
Mon, 14 Dec 2009 12:44:16 PST
Could anyone spare a moment to tell me, if they know, what the Latin name for this pest species might be please, as well as the range of geophytes genera which it attacks? For example do any of the following genera such as Cardiocrinum, Gagea, Lilium, Nomocharis or Notholirion feature on its menu?

Any info on its life cycle and or relevant literature references would also be of considerable interest as well. Under the name 'Bulb Fly' this doesn't ring any bells on this side of the Big Pond but if holarctic in distribution it may well occur under a different name here in Europe.

Many thanks, Iain

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