Labeling ideas

Laura & Dave
Fri, 18 Dec 2009 10:08:18 PST
Thought I'd throw in my two cents worth.
The way I combat broken, faded and critter dislodged labels is to write 
the information on the label twice, the top inch having enough 
information to identify the plant, sowing date and source.  When I plant 
seed, I snip off this top portion and put it into the bottom of the 
pot.  It doesn't fade underground.  The other trick to the labels, is 
that I write the first four letters of the genus and the first four of 
the species across the top of the remaining portion of the label, on 
each side.  This is the only part sticking out of the soil, so the rest 
of the information remains pliable and readable.  Yes, it's a bit of 
extra work, but I don't lose information, at least not without doing 
something stupid (who, me?)

The other thing I recently discovered, while repotting and/or potting on 
several hundred different plants, was the silver colored ink pen made by 
Sharpie.  Rather than set plants in groups, thinking that I'll make the 
labels shortly (which of us hasn't said THAT), I just wrote on the pot.  
The ink (more like paint) seems to be quite permanent, easy to read, and 
since I plunge most of my pots in sawdust, won't fade from the sun.  I 
don't have to worry about stopping work to write labels.  I can easily 
go back and write labels when I can't be outside or when not so busy.

Dave Brastow
Tumwater,Washington - Back in the 40s F., after a week below freezing - 
3 nights at 6 F.  I hope something survived.

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