pbs Digest, Vol 83, Issue 22

cgeat25049@aol.com cgeat25049@aol.com
Fri, 18 Dec 2009 10:32:12 PST
This is my first post to the list but when I saw  that other folks have the 
same problem with birds stealing labels, I had to add  my two cents.  I 
drill a hole in the label and attach it to the  plant with the   plastic coated 
wire used as plant ties. I used  to  lose labels when transplanting and 
this solves that  problem as  well.  If you feel even more adventurous, drill a 
hole in the pot and  attach the label that way. I haven't tried drilling 
clay, but this certainly  works for plastic pots.
 Cherry Geathers
 Cape Coral fl

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