Pacific Bulb Society web site

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 22 Dec 2009 10:15:02 PST

David Pilling has improved the Pacific Bulb Society web site design, 
retaining the feature that Nhu created where random images of bulbs 
are shown each time you access it. For a number of years a lot of 
people have wished for this and we are VERY grateful to David for 
making it happen.

 From the top of this page you can access the home page of the wiki, 
the photographs page of the wiki, a list page , bulb exchange, a 
membership page, a newsletter page, and a contact page.

On the list page you can learn about joining the list, search the 
archives or the wiki for information, unsubscribe or change how you 
get the list, and check out the frequently asked questions about the 
list which also gives you a way to contact any of the three of us, 
Diane Whitehead, Arnold Trachtenberg or myself who manage the list. 
Searching here for the wiki I think works better as the Google search 
doesn't get you as many false hits as the search  integrated into the 
wiki software.

On the bulb exchange page you can contact Dell or Arnold, see where 
to send materials for the BX or pay what you owe for the BX by PayPal 
or credit card.

On the membership page you can get details about membership, join by 
credit card or PayPal, or access the membership form you can complete 
on your computer, print and use when mailing in a check.

The newsletter page gives you a way to contact Jane McGary if you 
want to write a letter or the treasurer if you want to place an ad.

Finally the Contact page allows you to send a message to volunteers 
who do the list, wiki, BX, membership, treasury, newsletter, and to 
David to report anything that doesn't work on the list or the wiki.

Mary Sue

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