Sprekelia? Hippeastrum?

Pascal Vigneron v_pascal@club-internet.fr
Thu, 26 Feb 2009 07:13:23 PST
Hi Robert,
The picture we see on this page is in fact an hybrid
Hippeastrum papilio x H. cybister.
There are various cultivar : 'Jungle Star', 'Lima'...

Greetings from France
Pascal Vigneron

  Robert-E. Brasseur a écrit :
> After receiving a tip that it could be a Hippeastrum papilio I checked Google and found following site. 
> http://images.google.be/imgres/…
> The picture very much correspond with that of my plant. On other sites I found however other pictures of so-called Hippeastrum papilio that present Hippeastrum features such as broad petals. Did the few butterfly bulbs have such rich genetic potential on their own or is it this huge variation in features the result of (un)controled hybridization? If so the question is: which were the shape and colour pattern of the original Hippeastrum papilio found in Brasil's southern Atlantic Forest. 

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