Allium perdulce

James Waddick
Thu, 26 Feb 2009 06:51:13 PST
Dear Friends,
	Just opening in my cool greenhouse is a small pot of Allium 
perdulce. I received 5 small bulbs in late fall so potted these up 
against the coming cold winter. Now 4 of 5 have started to bloom and 
they certainly live up to their name: "very sweet".
See some nice photos at… 
, but nothing can suggest the delightful fragrance.

	This is a fairly uncommon Allium both in he wild and in 
cultivation. It is found in the central Great Plains from Texas to S. 
Dakota. My plants are short - 4 to 5 inches - with tiny bright pink 
flowers that are richly and sweetly fragrant.

	I hope I can get them planted out where they will be happy as 
they are certainly choice  and sweet little beauties. These should 
bloom in a month or two outdoors, so this advance on spring is very 

		Best		Jim W.

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