Big Government

Sun, 01 Feb 2009 12:39:03 PST
And California wonders why it can't reach a budget agreement, current global
economy notwithstanding. I have a link somewhere that enumerates all of the
branches of state government here. It is mind-boggling and ever-expanding.

The fact that agencies at local and state levels are staffed by people who
are not directly accountable to the voters necessarily puts citizen and
business owner alike at a disadvantage. Same with USDA/DHS. Not that they
should be made directly accountable, but we could use a better system of
accountability for cases like this iris farm. Our elected representatives
are swamped. It is not like a shoe store where we can move on to the next
one if we don't like the service. Therefore they have a special obligation
to draw from common sense in applying the laws and regulations. I don't
think they get any training in the former.

Dylan Hannon

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