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Sun, 01 Feb 2009 11:32:39 PST
I am surprised, I know these people and their garden.  It was  beautiful.  
They are out in the country and I didn't think there were any  neighbors close 
enough to have complaints.  What a terrible ruin.   They had a very good 
reputation in the American Iris Society and contributed a  lot. 
We are in the city and one neighbor complained that he thought we were  
running an illegal nursery.  The inspectors came out when we weren't  even home, 
entered out gated garden, walked all over the property and could see  no signs 
of us doing anything wrong.  They called us after the fact, and  told us about 
it.  I suppose we could have balked at them entering the  property and such 
without our knowledge but no harm was done.  I think the  it was the neighbor 
directly across the street.   We did not know this  neighbor, he lived there a 
short time.  His house was on the market and I  suspect during his open house, 
someone who came to look through our garden  parked in front of his house 
rather than in our parking area.
The rest of the neighbors seem to like us, bringing their children over  
weekly to be in the garden during bloom season.  
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