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Mon, 02 Feb 2009 11:10:33 PST
On 1 Feb 2009, at 19:26, Robin Hansen wrote:

> I have all three colors of ipheion - pink, white and blue/purple.  

Ipheion is somewhat more varied than that. The original cultivated form of 
Ipheion uniflora is a rather washy blue, something like dilute milk. From that 
presumably arose 'Wisley Blue' which is bluer, but I wouldn't call it a "clear 
sky blue." In the other direction, various white-flowered forms have arisen, 
including 'Alberto Castillo' and the widely available 'White Star'. A house 
very near to me has a white-flowered ipheion that has spread modestly 
throughout its garden and probably predates the two other white cultivars I 
have named, given that they've been there, well-established for at least the 
twenty years I've lived here.

Beyond the white to pale blue group, there is the wine purple 'Froyle Mill', 
which comes fairly true from seed, and the pink 'Charlotte Bishop'.

And then there is Ipheion 'Rolf Fiedler', with its beautiful clear wedgewood 
blue flowers.

Let's not get started on the proper generic assignment of these plants, btw. I 
googled ipheion "alberto castillo" and ended up at the PBS mailing list 
archive, with lots of interesting (and amusing) remarks by all and sundry on 
Ipheion, Tristagma, Nothoscordum, etc.

As one of the contributors to that discussion remarked, the taxonomy of these 
plants gives every evidence of being a mess. Let us hope that the Argentine and 
Chilean economies some day thrive to the point of being able to support some 
serious study of the plants native to the southerly portions of South America.

Rodger Whitlock
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Maritime Zone 8, a cool Mediterranean climate
on beautiful Vancouver Island…

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