Galanthus reginae-olgae, was New Jersey Weather

Jim McKenney
Mon, 02 Feb 2009 12:05:50 PST

Jane McGary asked " I'd be curious to know what the plants at the Eastern
WSW sold for, 
since I'm donating a pot of bulbs to the Western WSW study weekend's 
silent auction."

We asked $6 for small pots with multiple (2-3) bulbs - I'm not sure all the
bulbs were blooming size, but all were well rooted and in active growth. I'm
sure that we could have gotten much more for these, but the person who
contributed the bulbs, Alice Nicolson, wanted conference registrants to be
able to indulge in a bit of buying frenzy without feeling that they were
being gouged. With the general economic picture in mind, we deliberately
kept our prices low for this event. Very few items on the chapter table were
priced over $6, and for many we asked only $2. Chapter members contributed
over 800 plants.

Jane, Alice also contributed several Asphodelus acaulis (from stock
originally from you) to the raffle and silent auction. One on the general
sales table went in a flash. I don't remember what the auction plant

The sale seems to have been a success.  

Jim McKenney 

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