Blooming now/Weather changes

Jim McKenney
Sun, 01 Feb 2009 18:05:20 PST
The weather here in Maryland is hardly the sort to bring out flowers: we
still have extensive ice patches and snow in areas where it has not been
blown or burned off. January temperatures here were below normal; our
coldest morning was +3 degrees F. 


In my protected cold frame two forms of Narcissus cantabricus are blooming.
I think the contents of the unprotected cold frames are frozen solid.


For the last three days I’ve been tied up with a winter study weekend hosted
by the local rock garden group and the North American Rock Garden Society.
Global warming was one of the themes treated in the presentations. 


My head is still spinning from the data overload. But the weekend provided
several wonderful bulb highlights. I saw a Massonia for the first time: Mike
Slater grew this and it was in full bloom. He forgot to bring a gerbil to go
with it. 


And I finally met Tony Avent. If you ever get the chance to hear Tony speak,
grab it. I forget the formal title of his presentation, but I remember it as
“priapic plants”. It concluded with a hilarious safe sex demonstration which
involved a spadix and an , uh, “hat”. He had a room full of sixty and
seventy-year olds laughing so hard they probably woke up this morning with
pains in their rib cages. 


I think a great time was had by all.   


Jim McKenney

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