What has and/or is blooming

Douglas Westfall eagle85@flash.net
Sun, 01 Feb 2009 17:58:59 PST
Scadoxus: membranaceus left me with about 400 seeds, S. nutans with  
five clusters of seeds,two beautiful flowers on Paramongaia  
weberbaueri, Haem. deformis gave me four blooms, Hippeastrum aulicum  
with four English walnut size seed pods, two flower spikes on Hipp.  
papilio, several clusters of flowers on the Phaedranassa, and the  
Daffodils sending up flower spikes all over the front planter beds and  
under the apple tree.

Please DON'T let this and/or the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl draw anyone  
to overcrowded Southern California.


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