Blooming now/Weather changes

Nhu Nguyen
Sun, 01 Feb 2009 17:29:16 PST
> Any reports from other parts of the world of successes and plants lost to
> the weather?
> Mary Sue

Hi all,

I'm just 3 hours south of Mary Sue down the coast but things are a little
different here (perhaps due to my not watering dormant plants until mid
September). My massonias are done flowering for the season. Triteleia
clementina had just opened 3 flowers and the rest of the spikes are slowly
maturing. Allium cratericola started a few days ago and Allium hyalinum is
just starting. Oxalis namaquana continuously puts out gorgeous yellow
flowers. Tecophilaea cyanocrocus are going strong; var. leichtlinii just
opened fully today but var. violacea is till leafing. I posted a few photos
on my Flickr photostream:

I am of course waiting patiently and anxiously for the many spikes which are
starting to appear in various Freesia, Lachenalia, Allium, Calochortus and

Around town, the introduced Allium triquetrum is starting and of course
Oxalis pes-caprae are in full bloom. At the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley,
Lachenalia aloides var. quadricolor, Babiana odorata, Bulbinella floribunda,
along with Crinum kirkii are in bloom. The aloes are spectacular so visit if
you live in the area! In the Mediterranean Section of the garden a nice
patch of Narcissus cantabricus is blooming and a few hundred meters away
several patches of Iris unguicularis are putting up a fantastic show!

A warm but way too dry Berkeley

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