The Woody Iridaceae
Sat, 14 Feb 2009 21:06:10 PST
I have a Nivenia corymbosa that blooms beautifully in a 5 gallon pot.   I 
killed two smaller seedlings after growing them for a long time.  So I  splurged 
and bought the larger size from Martin Grantham a couple of years  ago. He 
specializes in these.  I believe he  is in the Berkeley,  CA area.   It has 
bloomed several times for me.  It doesn't  always look quite as nice and green as I 
would like but really blooms  heavily.  It is near the house with shade part 
of the day, full sun the  rest of the day and plenty of light.  Martin can 
usually be found at the SF  Flower and Garden Show coming up in March.  This year 
the show will be held  in San Mateo and probably the last one.
Carolyn Craft
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